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Hot College Fucks (HCF) is an age-restricted site, intended for adults only. We take this restriction seriously, and have taken numerous steps to ensure our site and content is available only to those over 18 or of legal age in your jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

In order to help parents restrict access to BCF, we have labeled and verified our site as Restricted to Adults through the ASACP's RTA Label program. Labeling our site as Restricted to Adults helps ensure content filtering software and tools recognize our site as being age-restricted so that access can be blocked. Additionally, through meta tags and voluntarily submitting and registering our site with content filtering software and programs, we've made it easy for parents to block access to our website through the various, readily and commercially available content filtering and parental control software solutions.

Utilizing Parental Control Software

Among the many robust and full-featured content filtering software solutions available to parents are:

- Aura
- Bark
- mSpy (primarily for mobile devices)
- NetNanny
- Norton Family
- Custodio
- uMobix (primarily for mobile devices)

This list is by no means complete - there are a host of parental control software solutions available offering a wide range of tools and features for most every budget. Additionally, most of the software solutions above run on desktop devices (such as PCs and laptop computers) as well as offer mobile apps that are available in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store to be installed and run on mobile devices. Check out this list of 3rd party apps available for both iOS and Android.

Popular search engines and even mobile and desktop devices also have built-in parental control tools and solutions.

Blocking Adult Content in Search Results

Parents can enable Safe Search mode in search engines quickly and easily. You can find information and instructions on how to do so with:
- Google Safe Search
- Yahoo Safe Search
- Microsoft Safe Search (for Bing)

There are also age-specific search engines that parents can install on their kids' devices that are specifically built and designed to vet and filter search terms and results. These search engines include:
- Kiddle
- KidRex
- WackySafe

Utilizing Operating System (OS) Parental Controls

Some of the most effective ways for parents to limit and control what their children can access on their devices are the built-in parental controls found with all major operating systems, including mobile, tablet, and desktop device systems.

- Apple makes it easy to enable and customize parental controls on iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices, as well as on desktop devices using MacOS.
- Mobile phones and tablets running Android OS can have parental controls enabled through Google's tools, available here.
- Microsoft Windows OS allows parents to easily turn on controls, details and instructions for which can be found here.
- Amazon devices (such as Kindle and FireTV) allow parents to easily control and filter content through their parental controls and Kids+ program.

We hope parents will find the above information useful; there are so many readily and easily accessible tools to comprehensively and effectively block access to age-restricted content. Most importantly, the above-referenced tools allow parents to block access to age-restricted content in ways that you control, and in ways that best protect not only your children but also your and your family's privacy.

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