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  • AGE: 23
  • SHOE: 11
  • HEIGHT: 5'11"
  • WEIGHT: 170
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7
  • CUT: YES
Adrian's a hottie, not gonna lie! He has that great combination of dark hair and bright blue eyes, which makes it all the more easy you get lost in those eyes while seeing him here. On top of that handsome face and those amazing eyes, comes a tight and toned body that's also a treat to watch in action.

He's a swimmer, and it's always nice to get a guy who's in to swimming on board - it means they're more than used to showing off a lot of flesh and being nearly naked in front of people. As well as swimming, Adrian also loves running. The combination of those two hobbies gives us a young man with a tight and defined body. That hot body is complemented by a hot cock- big, thick, with this downward curve you just know hits all the right spots in whoever's on the receiving end of it!

Episodes Featuring Adrian:

Kara Drains Adrian

15:18 Minutes & 14 Photos
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