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  • AGE: 25
  • SHOE: 10.5
  • HEIGHT: 5'10"
  • WEIGHT: 160
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7
  • CUT: YES
Brady’s got enough muscle and scruff to brighten anyone’s day. He's a fun guy to have around the house, and also a very generous soul - he loves his work as a personal trainer because it gives him the chance to help other people meet their goal. Brady admits that he’s had something of a glow up, and we don’t know what the before looks like but we can’t help but admire the after!

Of course, Brady doesn’t just have a pretty face and great body - his thick cock is a sight to behold as well, and he puts on quite a show in all of his performances. The first thing I've noticed is how vocal the blue-eyed hunk always is. Secondly, all of that time in the gym has been well spent and carries through to the bedroom. Brady has got real stamina, and can dish out a killer pounding! He can rapidly switch from one position to the next without ever letting up the blistering pace, and always finishes with one of his signature huge loads.

It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that Brady’s kind of a sex addict - and he's definitely in the right place!

Episodes Featuring Brady:

Ivy And Brady After Dark

13:22 Minutes
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