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  • AGE: 18
  • SHOE: 12
  • HEIGHT: 5'11"
  • WEIGHT: 190
  • BODY BUILD: Muscular
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Green
  • COCK SIZE: 8
  • CUT: YES
I suspect Brent's going to be quite popular here on HCF. With a smooth, sculpted body (he's been body building since he was 12), hot tan, big 8 inch cock, sweet blue eyes, super hot ass (to die for!!!) and being just 18 years old, he's quite the package! Even his mannerisms and the way he speaks are a turn on!

But sometimes it's not enough for a guy to be armed with a flawlessly ripped physique, what really brings the heat is a guy who can really max out the hotness factor with his performances. There's no such worries here though, when Brent fucks, he fucks with intensity, enthusiasm, and passion.

This young man likes showing himself off, and likes getting off! So we're looking forward to a bright future for him here on HCF!

Episodes Featuring Brent:

Brent Romances Rachel

12:30 Minutes
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